Application field and working principle of hose endoscope/videoscope

Application field and working principle of hose endoscope/videoscope


Hose endoscope/videoscope is widely used. It can be used for security inspection, The advantage of the hose endoscope/videoscope.Working principle of hose endoscope/videoscope/endoscope.

Application field and working principle of hose endoscope/videoscope
Application field and working principle of hose endoscope/videoscope/borescope
Changeable size screen
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The application field of hose endoscope/videoscope:

Hose endoscope/videoscope is widely used in the field of police. It can be used for security inspection, explosive disposal, anti-smuggling, criminal investigation, search and rescue in public security, fire control, armed police, procuratorate, customs and other units.

The advantage of the hose endoscope/videoscope is that, on the one hand, it can be used in areas with insufficient light, such as at night or in dark rooms, and it is not easy to be exposed. On the other hand, its probe diameter is small, and it can enter the space through narrow gaps without causing great damage by large-area disassembly. It has wide applicability.

Working principle of hose endoscope/videoscope:

       The main working principle of police hose endoscope/videoscope is similar to that of electronic video endoscope/endoscope/videoscope. A series of photoelectric conversion is carried out through the lens and image sensor at the front end of the probe, and finally the electrical signal is transformed into an image and presented on the display screen. However, the difference is that the probe light source adopts infrared light without red explosion. The general wavelength is 940nm infrared light invisible to human eyes, and the infrared light reflected by the object received by the lens. On the premise that it is not easy to be detected, the front-end pipeline can observe or monitor the situation in the room or other places that cannot be directly observed by human eyes through narrow gaps such as under the door and window gaps. Compared with ordinary white light endoscope, it has better concealment. Even at night, or when there is no lighting in the space, it can be observed at a long distance. At the same time, the probe can also turn 360 ° to observe the situation of people or objects in a large range without dead angle in an all-round way.



Changable pipeline
It is compatible with 1.6mm-6mm pipelines of various specifications and uses a variety of scenarios.

                           WiFi wireless image transmission
WiFi HD synchronous image transmission technology is adopted to realize long-distance command and give instructions, which is more suitable for use in the battle field! The WiFi image transmission technology of Shenzhen JEET Technology Co., Ltd TJ Infrared Hose Endoscope/Videoscope is compatible with Android and Apple IOS mobile terminals.

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