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What is the diameter of JEET inspection camera?

What is the diameter of JEET inspection  camera? What is the diameter of JEET inspection  camera?Our Endoscope camera probe is ultra-thin, only 1-8mm.        We can use this videoscope into many hard-to-reach, narrow and confined places at home or outdoors, such as HVAC, vent pipe, engines, air conditioners, sofa corners, bathtub pipes, toilets, etc.

Who is JEET?

Who is JEET?  JEET specializes in the research and development and production of endoscope products, and is committed to providing customers with professional video inspection solutions, and the normal operation of intelligent care equipment. The company's main projects: R&D, production and sales of industrial endoscopes, automotive endoscopes, hose endoscopes, borescopes, video endoscopes, and electronic endoscopes, as well as leasing and maintenance services.  JEET has a professional  R&D team, with independent intellectual property rights in endoscope electronic design, mechanical control, image processing, software development, etc., to adapt to the needs and changes of the market, and strive to provide customers with mature and reliable product solutions, thereby Win the support and trust of customers. Our products can be widely used in various fields, such as automobile manufacturing, precision casting, automobile maintenance, aviation, aerospace, special inspection institutes, food and chemical pipelines, pharmaceutical machinery, energy and power, municipal, rail transit, etc.  

How to choose videoscopes?

We must correctly choose the quality of industrial endoscopes, The imaging clarity of the endoscope, Color reproduction of endoscope, Endoscope's guiding ability, Illumination brightness of the endoscope, The material of the endoscope.

What are the common types of industrial endoscopes?

There are many types of industrial endoscopes. Commonly used are industrial video endoscopes, industrial pipeline endoscopes, remote visual inspection systems, etc.

Are The JEET's Probes Water-Resistant?

Yes,  JEET videoscope probes are waterproof to water, oil and 5% salt water.

Are the tubes interchangeable?

Yes, JEET Equipment's Tubes are interchangeable.

How much are Videoscopes?

The prices range from 10 dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The prices depend on different requirements of customers, such as probe diameters, probe length, front view, side view, dual cameras, different specifications, etc.